Hey Monday...What's My Motivation???

Hey Monday...What's My Motivation???

Good morning beautiful people!!! Today's inspiration is brought to you by morning rain showers, the deer who helped themselves to my garden over the weekend (you're welcome 😒), and a hot cup of caffeinated sunshine.

The last few weeks have been...well...um..."interesting."

I am finding that there is a difference between being resilient and just down right exhausted from trying to compartmentalize what you can and cannot control.

I don't know about you, but in those moments I just want to run and hide. Retreat. Save myself from the headache and heartache.

But that begs the question...

cheetah print coffee mug with yellow banner in the middle and black words that say "Don't water down your wild." The mug is being held by a hand over a brown two tone Louis Vuitton planner

Do you really grow and win if you shrink yourself and play it small? If you retreat every time things get a little un-easy?

I think we know the answer to those questions is a resounding NO!

And just because we can answer with an emphatic "NO" doesn't mean it's easy to move with this mindset.

Thus a little Monday morning pep talk compliments of today's moment in a mug...



There is a time and place to be conservative, play it small, retreat, resist or whatever it is that you do to save yourself in those moments of uncertainty.

Today is NOT that day!

Today is the day you show this world everything that you are made of. Today is the day you give whatever you get to do EVERYTHING you've got.

And when things get a little "interesting", or "puts you in tough situations, don't say 'why me', say 'try me.'"

In other words...bring it on world. I'm ready!😏

Happy Monday!

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