About Us

I don't recall exactly when my obsession with coffee mugs began.  If I think hard enough, I would say probably 7 years ago.  I would frequent TJ Maxx, Ross and Burlington during my annual journal search and probably stumbled across inspirational coffee mugs during one of my many trips. From that day, I must have become  hooked. Hooked because of the message. Hooked because of the moments that followed each interaction with a mug.
Every morning, I would methodically and intentionally select a mug that would set the intention for the day.  Whether it was sarcastic or inspirational, I came to enjoy these moments.  I enjoyed them so much that I started to share them with others. I would share my inspiration on social media and, before long, became known for my mugs. So much so, that even now I receive them as gifts from friends and loved ones. Needless to say I have quite the collection.
One day my husband joked that since I spend so much on mugs, maybe I should create my own. I laughed it off but knew there was something about his idea that I should explore.  Not long after that Moments In Mugs was born!
So what is Moments in Mugs? 
Moments In Mugs is really about finding value in one of the most simplest acts...getting a cup of coffee or tea!  It's about taking the time to inspire your life and set your intentions for the day, one sip at a time.  Whether you are looking for some inspiration to carry you through a long week or long day, there is something for you.  If you are looking for courage and boldness to speak up and use your voice, there is something for you.  If you are looking for some comic relief, wit or sarcasm, there will be something for you too!
Moments in Mugs is a labor of love that I hope you will enjoy!
Please know, every mug won't be perfect.  That is intentional.  Because every moments isn't perfect. But every moment is valuable.  That is the foundation of Moments in Mugs.
I am so happy that you are here and I hope you will join me for a moment in a mug. I hope I can inspire you to enjoy your life one sip at a time!
Thank you!