If you want to be seen...See Yourself!

If you want to be seen...See Yourself!

Good morning beautiful people! Today's inspiration is brought to you by the stillness of the morning, a few moments spent outside taking in the crisp air and a cup of piping hot caffeinated goodness to help me start my day!

The end of the year is fast approaching so the need to finish strong is alive and well. As is that pesky year end self assessment where we are expected to succinctly and precisely document our accomplishments over the past year and hope that our boss agrees. LOL!

For as much as I loathe the exercise of tooting my own horn, it is a necessary evil. Better yet, it's an opportunity.

An opportunity to showcase your skills, abilities, accomplishments, passion, commitment and the value you bring to your team or organization.

An opportunity to shape the narrative that will be shared about you when you are not in the room.

And here is one thing I have had to learn the hard way. You cannot effectively articulate your value and shape that narrative, if you are not seeing yourself clearly and taking credit for all that you do.

Alot of us are leaving salary increases, additional incentive dollars, promotions or other opportunities on the table every year because we don't have a clear sense of who we are and what we bring to the table. We assume that people will see us performing at a high levels and just give us credit for it. (Most often they won't.)

We assume that our return on our investment of education, talent, drive, energy and time is somehow automatic. (It isn't.)

So today's moment in a mug is a reminder that before you can expect others to appreciate your value, you have to appreciate yourself. Before you can expect others to see you for what you bring to the table, you first have to see yourself.

Because if your vision of you isn't 20/20, chances are others won't see you clearly either. Make sure you are appreciating and not depreciating your contributions and go after what you deserve...even if that means you have to find a new table.

Happy Friday!

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