Stop renting your space in this world. Own your greatness.

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Good morning beautiful people!!! Today's inspiration is brought to you by warm early morning breezes, being one day closer to the weekend, laughter thinking about yesterday's team meeting and a warm cup of caffeinated sunshine.

Thinking back over the last week and I can't help but think that the Universe got jokes. LOL!


Life has a funny way of forcing you to step up even in moments when you don't want to or think you can't.

And even when opportunity is staring you straight in the face, we often run away from the chance to prove to ourselves that we are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for.

Why is that?

Speaking for myself, sometimes it's because I am still just temporarily claiming my power and my greatness.

Some days it feels like I am borrowing other people's belief. Other days it feels like I am just I am just renting my own.

Thus today's moment in a mug.

Stop renting your space in this world. Own your greatness.

I am firm believer that life will never hand you more than you can bear and learn from. And sometimes we find ourselves having to bear similar situations because we run from what they are trying to teach us.

Sometimes the lesson is that we are so much greater than we allow ourselves to be.

So if you take nothing else from this moment in a mug, remember this: YOU ARE GREAT! You already have what it takes.

And as Thasunda Brown Duckett said at a fireside chat earlier this year, "the rent has been paid."

So go own AND conquer whatever this day, this week, this year has in store for you!

Happy Thursday!

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