Today is a gift!

Today is a gift!

Good morning beautiful people!!! Today's inspiration is brought to you by a week of unseasonably warm temperatures, birds chirping in the background,  deer playing in the woods and some morning sunshine with notes of vanilla and orange. ☕️

If you asked me to play back everything I did this week, I wouldn't be able to. In fact this whole week was a blur. Reflecting back and I realize I unintentionally rushed through the week.

Rushed through life.

So I am extremely grateful for Saturday morning slowness and the blessings of peace within my thoughts.

But I also know that around the world, others' Saturdays, Sundays...every days are filled with chaos, fear, pain and uncertainty. 

So I want to leave you with this moment in a mug.

Today is a gift that not everyone will have the chance to unwrap. And even if they do get to see it, some people are unwrapping uncertainty.  If you find yourself in a position to unwrap your day as you always have...

If you find yourself able to enjoy your morning routine without incident...

If you find yourself able to enjoy your Saturday as you always do...

Promise me you will spend this day wisely.

Because "things you take for granted someone else is praying for.” ― Marlan Rico Lee

Happy Saturday!

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